V0.04 Walkthrough

Day One
1) Speak to Kim at her Locker (Entrance).
2) Find Kim at your house (Front Yard).
3) Click on your computer to play G.L.O.B.E.
4) Click on sketchbook to make a drawing of Kim.
5) Go to the Western Forest.
6) Take pictures of animals in the forest:
           - Hares (Wood Haven)
           - Stag (Rocky Retreat)
           - Squirrel (Murky Ponds)
           - Frog (Pond)
7) Speak to Kim at the Forest Entrance.
8) Find Kim in the Rocky Retreat.
9) Return home with Kim.
10) Go to bed.

Day Two
1) Go upstairs and into the Living Room.
2) Head to Photography class at the School.
3) Go to Kim's House and knock on the door.
4) Find Kim at the Library.
5) Go back to Photography Class.

Obtaining the Artifact
1) Speak to Kim on a day that she visits the Library (Afternoon).
2) Observe the locked gate at the Library.
3) Obtain at least $20 to pay the Harpy at the Library

     - $10, Request money from Kim while she's at the 
         Library .

     - $5, Request allowance from Julia (Morning, Once
          a Week).

     - $5, Found in the school's supply closet. Inside the

     - $5, Found inside James' car in his garage while
          he's home.

     - $5, Found on Natalie's nightstand next to her bed.
4) Find the Folktales book hidden in the big bookcase.
5) Go to sleep.
6) Speak to Kim in her bedroom OR skatepark about
    Pearl (Morning/Afternoon).

7) Find Lily Pearl in the school's science class.
8) Meet Madam Nadia with Kim at the Fortuneteller

9) Speak to Kim in the at the Inner Sanctum in the
    Forest (Evening).

Return to the Present:
1) Attempt to exit the Forest.
2) Visit the Ice Cream Parlor.
3) Speak to the girl at the park.
4) Read the note at the Ice Cream Parlor. The note is
    located on the back table.

5) Speak to Gwynn at your home.
6) Speak to Olivia at the Arcade.
7) Meet the Jocks at the Rocky Retreat within the Forest.
          - It is possible to meet the jocks before speaking
              to Gwynn or Olivia.

8) Obtain the 'Brightwind Badge' via Penny's Plan.
          - The Trinket is found within an upper branch on
              the left side of the tree.

          - Time your action within the green section of|   
              the bar.

9) Return to Olivia at your home.
10) Speak to Gwynn/Penny in the backyard.
11) Find the two broken sections of the Water Tower.

          - The key's shaft is found inside the lantern.
          - You can avoid breaking the lamp by - Twist >
              Shake > Twist > Twist.

          - The key's blade will be found when speaking to
              Penny about her skills.

12) Inspect the box hidden within the wood furnace.
    - Select the two key parts to make it whole again.

13) Visit the Water Tower.

Experience a Changed Life:
1) Go to bed.
2) Talk to specific characters at certain times through the day (any order).
    - Kim/Julia at the Coffee Bar (Mon/Wed/Fri - Afternoon).
    - Penny in the Master Bathroom (Evening).
    - Nadia (Morning/Afternoon/Evening).
3) Speak to Julia at night on the swing (Home -
    Backyard - Night).

Gaining Control Over the Artifact:
1) During the next morning, walk upstairs.
2) Give Natalie her science book at the school.
3) Visit Lily Perl at her Laboratory on the top floor
    of the offices.
4) Borrow Kim's skateboard and visit Gwynn at her
    house across town.
5) Speak to Gwynn about Olivia, use the beach photo
    as proof.
6) Visit Gwynn at night and 'borrow' Olivia's trinket.
7) Give Lily the trinket when she's at her lab.


- You can get three lewd bath-thought scenes in your
    spare bathroom (Morning,
Afternoon and
- Event Planner Scenarios are scenes that are
    repeatable and get more lewd as you increase your
       relationship with each character.

- You can find an extra $5 in the small bookcase in the
    Library (2nd Floor).

- You can earn extra cash by playing Thimblerig with

- Repeated G.L.O.B.E. play on your computer. More
    depth of this boxing game to come in a later update
         (Side Girl association and story).

- Small series of special images when you've done all
    talking options with Natalie in the Morning.


Sketch Quests:
- Inspiration is needed for your drawings. Find them
    out in the world.

     The Hive Mother:
1) Alien Action Figure, Found in Kim's bedroom
    in her desk.

2) Good and Evil Statue, Found in the Library's big
    bookcase (2nd Floor).

3) Gun Graffiti, Found sprayed onto the halfpipe at
    the skatepark.

- Draw these onto your sketchbook found on the
    nightstand in your bedroom.

     Flirting with Forbidden Fruit:
1) Classic Car, Found at the park (Night).
2) Pink Dress, Found at the Coffee Bar.
3) Black Suit, Found in an isle at the Library

- Draw these onto your sketchbook found on the
    nightstand in your bedroom.

Seventh Heaven's Sexual Services:
1) Red Jacket, Found in the Icecream Parlor
2) Sword, On the television at Kim's House. 
3) Poster, Found on the first floor hallway at school.    

- Draw these onto your sketchbook found on the     nightstand in your bedroom.


Photo Gallery Images:
- Unique images to unlock by taking photos with your

1) Penny's Bush - Automatically unlocked via story.
2) Two Girls, One Weiner - Can be taken during the 
       Event Planner Camping Scenerio.
3) Milky Mountains - Choose to take a picture when given the option while Gwynn is asleep in her bed.